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So having spent two hours or so in the waiting room at the eye hospital waiting for my check-ups, I paid for my prescription and headed for Paddington and a train. Stopped on the way for a couple of bits of shopping and to post a parcel, then because the day had warmed up so much, folded my raincoat, put it in the carrier bag, and strapped it onto the bike.


Got to the station and onto the train - no bag! I walked all the way back to where I'd last touched it, but no joy. I've reported it to the lost property desk, so we shall see. In the meantime I've been making an inventory of what's gone missing with the coat - my lens cases, all my coffee loyalty cards (I went for a coffee earlier!), and my bloody prescription, for a start. Also my business card holder, so my address and phone number are in there. That might be good or it might be bad. Oh, and my favourite hat....


I still have keys, cards and phone, so that's something. Oh yes, and my eyes are no worse, thankfully.


But...  ARGH!!!!

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