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We don't use the Joggler much. Since it had to be replaced after it decided to curl up its toes and die after I made it run Android, it's mostly been just a nice digital clock, with occasional use to look for potential road-bloacks via its real-time Trafficmaster app. I gave up on making it run Linux after being unable to find a way around it needing an external keyboard to do so.

But then I read about Honeycomb, a future release of Android that'll be optimised for tablets - and more importantly, won't need hardware buttons. (My attempt to run Android on the Joggler had kind of foundered on the latter's lack of the Home, Menu and Back buttons that - AFAIK - all Android phones possess.) So I thought I'd look into it again.

There didn't seem to be much new on the Joggler/Linux/Android front though, so instead I had a quick look around to see if anyone had developed some new apps for the thing, O2's own appstore being utterly woeful. And sure enough, I found a page on Pimp My Joggler, a tool which installs a load of new apps. It took me a while to find a USB stick that the device would recognise, and for some reason I couldn't Telnet in over wireless, so had to plug the Joggler into the switch, but it worked. Quite a few of the apps are clearly designed for smaller screens or were generally crap, so I deleted those, but it still left me a few useful ones, including seven streaming BBC TV channels, a Facebook app (at last!) and a memo taker.

Still no web browser though, so I tried a more focused search, and came up with this news item which lead me to Plug'n'Pimp, a tool which not only mods your Joggler, but it sets up a webserver on it so you can log in and do remote maintenance without having to Telnet. And it lets you install Opera Mobile! And new drivers! And the Squeezeplay player!

Hey, this thing's actually a reasonably useful couch-side tablet PC now... (-:


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