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I'm still amazed at times by the way you can go shopping in this city at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. When I go abroad (or out to the sticks), it takes me back two or three decades to the days when you had finish your weekend's shopping by Saturday afternoon if you wanted to eat on Sunday.

I'm not complaining though, as this weekend it was me who was buying food in the supermarket at about 4.15 on a Sunday afternoon, having decided on a post-hangover late lunch.

We did roast chicken, stuffed with lemon and a large handful of fresh thyme (though next time I'll get it two large handfuls!). To go with it, Helma cut some thin parsnip chips and I pan-fried them with salt and pepper in the last of the Yule duckfat.

We also did something that I came up with a couple of weeks ago - floret a cauliflower and microwave/steam it. When it's nearly done, add a layer of shredded green cabbage and steam that too. Meanwhile, cook up some cheese sause with lots of cheddar and a spoonful of mustard. The sauce goes over the drained veg and the whole thing goes under the grill to brown. It works brilliantly as a lightish snack or a veg dish.

The result was great and left little room for afters, though we managed a few nuts!

Now it's yet another Monday morning and I need to get off my bum and go looking for work, as I don't currently have any. Pah, I don't like Mondays.....


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